How Biotin works for Cats & Dogs

Biotin For Cats & Dogs

Biotin is also found in many foods such as: nuts, seafood, meat, chicken, egg yolk, soya beans, and dairy products.

Benefits for Dogs

Biotin is often used alongside other fatty acids to treat dogs with allergies. Several studies show that dogs with dry, itchy or allergic skin have benefited from biotin supplements. Biotin for dogs is safe with no side effects. It can be found in a powder form containing Biotin only or in supplements containing other ingredients.

Biotin is an important component in maintaining healthy skin and hair for dogs. Biotin can also help improve and maintain strong nails for dogs that have brittle nails.

Benefits for Cats

Biotin helps your cats body get rid of by-products from protein. A cats diet is high in protein, and they need sufficient biotin to process and excrete it. Biotin supports the thyroid and adrenal glands and the reproductive & nervous systems.

Same thing applies to Cats. Your cat will need enough bitoin for a healthy coat and claws as well as allergies.


The appropriate dosage for Dogs is around 5mg per kilogram of your dog’s weight of biotin per day. For Cats, it’ll be around 1 mcg per day.