Different Types of Dosages for Biotin


You cannot produce Biotin which means your body can only obtain it from your daily diet. Although it’s only found in small amounts of certain foods, your body does not require large amounts. 

However while a biotin deficiency can cause various symptoms and it’s very rare to be detected in healthy individuals, it’s more important that you maintain an adequate intake level.

Recommendations for sufficient daily biotin intake depends on several factors such as gender, age and pregnancy.

Recommended dosage

Appropriate dosage depends on several factors and there are currently no accurate ranges of dosages for biotin. It is important to note that supplements, whether natural or not are not necessarily safe and  dosages are very important. It is advisable that you consult a doctor before using a biotin vitamin especially if pregnant or breastfeeding.

For healthy adults who are 19 years and above, it is advisable for you to take at least 30mcg of biotin per day. 

For Pregnant Women, you are to take at least 30mcg of biotin per day.
For Lactating Women, you are to take at least 35mcg of biotin per day.

Before deciding on whether to give your child biotin supplements, it’s highly advisable that you make optimal use of biotin found in food before going to supplements. If you still want to give your child biotin supplements then there are recommended doses.

0-6 months: 5mcg
6-12 month: 6mcg
1-3 years: 8mcg
4-8 years: 12mcg
9-13 years: 20mcg

Biotin has been used effectively to treat dandruff and skin rash in children. Some children are born with an inherited deficiency condition known as biotinidase deficiency. This is a genetic disorder which may necessitate taking larger dosages of biotin than what is typically recommended. This condition affects the absorption of biotin in your intestines and keeps your body from using the biotin found in dietary protein sources like eggs, pork, salmon and liver. In this instance. High doses of biotin from anywhere between 40 to 100mg of biotin per day are recommended.

Biotin Deficiency and Dosage of 5000mcg, 1000mcg and 10000mcg supplements

If you’re having trouble with obtaining optimal biotin levels, you may wish to take more biotin than the advisable dosages if you experience symptoms related to a biotin deficiency. Biotin deficiency symptoms include hair loss and developing a red rash around your eyes, nose, mouth and/or genitals.

Biotin 5000mcg is the most popular supplement of all biotin supplements. This is because of its ease in consumption as one does not need to take many pills per day. For those who take 5000mcg per day, it is advisable to take these pills in a two – divided course, one in the morning and the other in evening or in the night. It’s important that you remember to take your vitamins with food to avoid stomach up sets and for better absorption.

Biotin 1000mcg and 10000mcg are two other common supplements. As stated above, the recommended daily dosage is around 30 which without a doubt implies that 1000, 10000 or 5000mcg is too much but alternate practitioners of medicine and dermatologists still recommend since it’s a safe supplement with minor side effects.