Biotins Impact on Hair Growth

Hair Growth

There are many different types of Biotin benefits and one of them is the impact on hair growth.

Biotin can not only promote healthy hair growth but also prevent hair dryness. Moreover biotin also increases the elasticity of cortex of a hair, thereby, preventing and minimizing hair breakage. Therefore, biotin helps induct growth of both hair and new skin cell, and making them healthy. For people who are suffering from hair loss, taking extra biotin may aid their hair grow longer, healthier and thicker.

Biotin works be producing keratin. Keratin is a protein found in hair and nails. With its increase in the body, it will make hair grow long and thicker. Nourishing hair with vitamin B complex will help, stimulate and promote growth. Does biotin work for making your hair grow longer in inches? Yes, as a result of more keratin deposits, biotin thickens hair cuticles and increases the diameter of hair shafts. This is why biotin is said to make hair grow thicker faster or within a short period.

According to most of the reviews and testimonials found online, men and women who take biotin to help with the problem of hair loss have seen positive results. However, this won’t work for everyone who consumes the supplements and pills to get rid of the hair loss problems.

Though biotin is good for hair loss, it is highly and positively reviewed for hair growth. It is used to grow black hair, blonde and many other types of hair and is said to work better than for those people who use it for hair loss. Just note that taking biotin to stop hair loss will take a longer time for you to see results compared to when it is taken to grow hair long and thicker. Biotin is primarily used as a hair growth regimen. However, high dosages of the pill may help slow down or prevent the loss of hair and it should not be taken as a medication or treatment for hair loss.

How long does it take for hair to grow long with biotin?

Taking more biotin might not fix hair loss and stunted hair growth can have other causes that should be addressed. Therefore, while some people are promised hair growth in one week, one month, or even one year, you might not see any positive results even after a long period of eating biotin rich foods and taking doses of tablets.

The time it takes when using biotin to grow hair is not uniform. Different factors affect hair growth, including hydration, general health of the body, alcohol consumption, treatments such as antibiotics and most important age. Reviews also show that the times vary a lot, with some people reporting that it took them about a year to see visible results.

Recommended dosage for hair growth

Taking the recommended dosage is important when it comes to just any pill or supplement. Using too much could lead to OD (Over dosing), using too little could lead to nothing happening but using the right amount can lead the right way. It’s been said frequently that you don’t need pills/supplements if you’re taking an adequate amount from a normal diet which is true since your body should be producing enough biotin to counteract the loss of hair.

If you’re still keen on taking a pill/supplement then it’ll depend on two different conditions. These are:

1. Your health condition and 
2. Your age

The recommended daily dosage of biotin are as follows: